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A bit about us

Drink Williamsburg was founded in spring of 2016 when the founder, Lance, realized that within one year, the quiet historic city of Williamsburg transformed from a small city with only one winery and one brewery, to a place with several awesome craft breweries, a meadery, and two distilleries. He knew that Williamsburg needed more fun things to do for locals, young professionals, visitors, and corporate events. A themed drinking experience seemed like a convenient and fun way for people to safely visit these new drinking locations. With past experience organizing events and bar crawls, he decided a drinking-themed bus tour was a natural next step.

We want to make it easier for people to have fun in Williamsburg, and part of that mission is accomplished by bringing together different groups of people; from singles to large parties, from retirees to young professionals and students. At the same time, we hope to support the local startup businesses involved in Williamsburg's alcohol economy. Let us schedule some great drinks and tours at local craft alcohol producers for you!

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, the company was devastated and shut down for most of the year. We needed to drastically change our business model. To that end, we stopped providing transportation in our bus and instead contracted with transportation partners and utilize a mobile app to guide guests through each of the establishments, so we could better focus on delivering a great drinking experience at a great cost. This allowed us to serve more customers on a more flexible schedule. Now that restrictions are lifting we want to continue to provide a memorable and personal experience. So we are now providing guided walking tours to our guests. With a local expert our guests can now sip and savor thier way through Williamsburg and gain insider tips and history along way.
Drink Williamsburg is available for private bookings for birthday parties, corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, graduation parties, and other special events.
Drink Williamsburg Tours

We typically meet at Amber Ox Public House. 

525 Prince George St Suite 102, Williamsburg, VA 23185

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