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Welcome to Drink Williamsburg

Welcome to Drink Williamsburg

Williamsburg's Ultimate Drinking Experience

Craft Breweries | Craft Distilleries | Meaderies
Enjoy drinks, tours, and tastings at craft alcohol hot spots in Williamsburg, Virginia!

Let our 14-person bus take you out for drinks, tours, and tastings at four of Williamsburg's alcohol producers. Drinks, tours, and tastings are included in the $69/person ticket price for the Drink Williamsburg Experience, offered at 1pm and 5:30pm. Our alcohol adventures are great for single riders, groups, and private parties. See the Itinerary for more information.

In addition to its other attractions, Williamsburg has breweries, distilleries, and even a meadery only steps away from Colonial Williamsburg, that produce some of the finest adult beverages this side of the Mississippi! These places are what we call the Williamsburg Tasting Trail.

Drink Williamsburg eliminates pesky issues, like having to find a driver and fight through a crowd to get a drink. Instead, meet new and exciting people while enjoying the alcoholic pleasures Williamsburg has to offer.

Book a single ticket, book your group or rent an entire bus for a private party. You can pick the locations on custom tours, and we do the rest. Sit back, relax, and have a drink.

For those who like to change it up, we also have a monthly rotation of guest breweries, food pairings, and special events.

Book now, space is limited and slots fill up fast! All tours are great for single riders, as the Drink Bus usually turns into a mixer and a great way to meet new and fun people. Drink Williamsburg is also ideal for group and private tours.


Drink, tour, and taste at Williamsburg's craft breweries, distilleries, and meadery!

Drink Williamsburg operates daily, offering both day and evening tours, and private parties to alcohol producers in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Our driver, Brian, was informative, professional and FUNNY! He made the trip super enjoyable. Will definitely do again and will request...
Our trip guides name was Adam he was great! They showed us around there entire place...
We were hesitant at first, not getting drinks from Paul's beforehand due to nerves, but the driver was courteous and friendly....
We had a great time on Drink Williamsburg! LaTroy was the best driver, entertaining, kind, funny and helpful.

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Hours of operation

  • Daily: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

We typically meet at Paul's Deli New Town
4345 New Town Ave, Williamsburg, VA

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